310 Snail Names

If you have a pet snail, what would you name them? Or if you don’t own a pet snail, what name would you give to one should the opportunity arise? Here is a list of fun snail names: Cute Snail Names 1. Turbo snail 2. Slimy 3. Mr. Awkward Sucker 4. Hermit-Jamal 5. Yoda Snail … Read more

185 Warrior Names for Girls

For all those young aspiring warriors and scribes who love to mix and match names to create new, unique ones, we have compiled a list of hundreds of names for girls. While we cannot guarantee that every name on the following pages will be perfect for your warrior or writer, we can assure you that … Read more

Nicknames for Girls with Meanings

There are many different nicknames that people give to girls. Some of these names are given to the girl because they remind the person of the girl, while others are just simply made up. Here is a list of some common nicknames for girls and their meanings. Nicknames for Girls 1. Ace This nickname means … Read more

1175 Team Names (Cool, Funny & Unique)

When it comes to naming the teams of a game, there are two main routes that developers choose between. The first is team names linked with their meaning, and the second being a purely random name for each team. Some games have more variety than just ‘team1’, ‘team2’, or ‘team3’ but do not really associate … Read more

Japanese Boy Names with Meanings

Are you looking for Japanese boy names with meanings? Then you are at right place. We have selected to list only the Japanese boy names with meanings. Scroll down to check complete information about them. 88 Japanese Boy Names and Meanings 1. Akihiko This Japanese name means bright prince. 2. Akio This name means hero in Japanese. … Read more

Japanese Girl Names with Meanings

Whether you’re looking for some inspiration for your daughter’s new name, just want to know what some of the most popular names are in Japan right now, or you’re simply looking to discover Japanese culture a little more – here’s a list of 50 Japanese girl names and their meanings. The origins of these Japanese … Read more