185 Warrior Names for Girls

For all those young aspiring warriors and scribes who love to mix and match names to create new, unique ones, we have compiled a list of hundreds of names for girls.

While we cannot guarantee that every name on the following pages will be perfect for your warrior or writer, we can assure you that there’s something here for everyone.

You may also want to check out our list of male warrior names .

Warrior Names for Girls

1. Abreanna – The one without sorrow

2. Abrielle – Little lamb

3. Adalia – Prayer

4. Addolgar – Rough ruler

5. Adora – Lovable, beloved

6. Aelwen – Fair, elf-maiden

7. Aerin – Noble

8. Ahnastasia – Strong as iron”

9. Alana – Little one, flower, kind, radiant and bright

10. Alandra – Noble and beautiful

11. Aldrea – Noble or crown

12. Alecia/a- Noble; one who is blessed; protector of mankind; defender of the people

13. Alena – Shining brightly like the sun

14. Alexis – Helper, defender of man. Feminine form of Alexander .

15. Alice – Warrior woman from Alice in Wonderland . Variant spelling of Alison , which is also the Scottish variant of Alice . Also possibly “All is well”

16. Alistair – Elf ruler

17. Aliya – Most high, exalted; noble

18. Amandine – of the eagle

19. Amani – Peace or safety

20. Amaris – “Who can find her?” First wife of Moses . Variant form of Amelia , which is itself a variant of Amy .

21. Amethyst- Violet quartz, A gemstone that symbolized piety and modesty in the Middle Ages

22. Amira – Princess or noblewoman

23. Anais – Beautiful one

24· Anaïs – Beautiful grace

25. Anastasia – Resurrection

26. Andrea/Andrea- defender of mankind; truthful

27. Angela/Angelica- messenger of God; angel, messenger

28· Anika- strength and power

29. Annabel/Anna- grace and beauty; favor or gracious gift, pledge or promise; highly favored one, loved one. Variant spellings of Hannah .

30. AnnaBelle – beautiful light; beautiful flower; graceful girl; beloved; highly favored child; loved one

31. Anne – Grace , favour , to be favoured, loved

32. Arabella – Beautiful nymph . Feminine of the English given name Abelard (meaning noble and strong). A famous bearer of the Old French male name was Bernard’s lover Héloïse (1101–1164), a nun at Argenteuil Abbey, for whom he wrote a famous epistle in which he compared her to an angel.

33. Arantxa – Silver; noble

34. Aria/Ariah- lioness of God

35. Ariana – Feminine form of the Persian name Aryānšāh (meaning “high-minded”). Also another name for Diana , Roman goddess of the moon and twin sister to Apollo (the sun).

36. Ariane – Brave as a bear; noble

37. Arianna, Arianny – brave as a bear; holy one; noble 38· Arianwen- Fair or beautiful Brythonic girl’s name later used in Arthurian legend by Geoffrey of Monmouth (12th century) for a character (based on the Irish goddess of love, beauty and fertility poetic inspiration Aine ) in his legends about Merlin.

39. Arielle – Shining little lioness of God; noble, pure; lion of God

40. Ariel/Arielle- Lion of God or my God is a rose

41. Arika – Noblewoman, strong woman

42· Armella – Power of the moon light

43. Arzela- Powerful warrior maiden

44· Ashara – Starlight thinker

45. Aspen- Tree that lives by rivers and lakes which is hardy and renewal itself after frost has killed its leaves each winter . Also name of many towns in the U.S.

46· Astera – Golden star

47. Atara – Crowned, a crown

48. Audrey- Noble strength

49· Aurora – dawn, daybreak; the personification of the dawn goddess in Roman mythology; heroine of Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House , who leaves her husband and child to forge a successful career as an artist “Aurora Borealis”- The Northern Lights

50. Autumn – The season between summer and winter . Also see Mar autumn , from the month September , from the Latin word septem meaning seven. It can also be seen as a reference to Celia Sánchez Manduley, Fidel Castro’s companion during his guerilla campaign in the Sierra Maestra mountains.

51· Ava- Life; little fairy; bird

52. Avelina – White bird or dove

53· Avice – Chaste, pure

54. Azaria – God has helped

55. Azura – Blue gemstone; sky blue; flowery; light blue color; happiness and serenity

56. Beka – Little one, sweetheart, beloved one, baby girl

57· Bella/Belle- beautiful, attractive

58· Bevin – Fair lady . Derived from the old Irish name Béibhinn , from Celtic mythology meaning “fair lady” or else a variation of Annabel/Anna belle , which is a variant of Annabella , from the Latin Annae vitae felix “Anne, full of life”. Also see Belle

59. Blythe – Joyous, joyful

60. Bree- From the name of a Scottish town meaning “at the brae,” which means “slope” or “hillside.” The given name comes into use in the 1940s and 1950s. It is associated with actress Brie Larson (born 1989) who has appeared in such films as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010), 21 Jump Street (2012), and Short Term 12 (2013).

61· Bryn- Hill

62· Calida/Callie- peaceful, calm

63. Calypso – Calm seas . In Greek mythology, Calypso was a nymph who fell in love with the hero Odysseus and detained him for 7 years on her island of Ogygia before he escaped back to his wife Penelope after the Trojan wars.

64· Celestial- heavenly; of or like heaven

65. Celesse – Heavenly

66. Ceres/Cari – From Roman mythology , the goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships. The English word cereal is derived from her name. Also see Cerise

67· Charis/Charity- Grace; kindness

68. Charity – Love, giving to others. From the English vocabulary word which means “generosity and goodwill towards others”. Also see Karis

69· Chandra – Moon; god of love

70. Charo- Joyful, full of life; variant of Carlotta or Charlotte (French) meaning little and womanly

71. Cherish – To think highly of; to value greatly; dear . A feminine given name derived from the French verb chérir meaning “to cherish” or else an alternate spelling of Sheree , a feminine version of Sherry , which is a unisex name coming from London street name Cherr(e)y Lanes meaning cherry tree lane, which became used as a nickname for someone with bright red hair.

72· Chessa- From Celtic mythology, the goddess of fire and one of the Tuatha Dé Danann. It can also be a diminutive form of Francesca or Cassandra .

73. Cherry – Tree that bears fruit; bright red; reddish brown; brilliant; proud; to bear, yield as if by producing fruit; name of many rivers in the U.S.; variant of Cerise

74· Cielo – Sky or heaven

75. Clair- Light skinned , fair haired ; French for “clear” or “light”

76. Claudette Diminutive form of German Klara meaning pure or clear

77. Cleo/Cleopatra- Famous queen of Egypt who had affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

78· Coraline/Coroline- Feminine form of the Latin name Corallinus , which is a diminutive form of the name Corallius .

79. Cordelia – One who is as brave as a lion ; heart or love; royal born

80. Dahlia – From the flower name, possibly derived from an ancient Egyptian “dye” plant called dioon edule . It can also be seen as a variant spelling of Dalia . Also see Dalea

81· Damara – truthful, honest, noble, trustworthy; fearless leader or ruler; to tame; tame; subdue; conquer

82· Daphne – Laurel tree or bay tree, symbol of honor and victory or else laurel leaves used since ancient times to crown the winners of athletic contests. Also see Dafina

83. Delia/Delilah – Beautiful, captivating woman . In Greek mythology, Delilah was a femme fatale known for cutting off Samson’s hair and betraying him to his enemies the Philistines (Judges 16:4-20). Also see Lila

84. Destiny – Fate; fortune; god’s gift; something that happens by chance

85· Drifa – Dripping wet, as with water

86. Drucilla – Variant of Drucilla, meaning strong; from the Greek word drus . Also see Draxie

87. Dylan – Great wave or sea . In Celtic legend, Dylan was a prince of the Dé Danann who was defeated and drowned by a great wave. His name may also be linked to that of the river named for him: the River Dyala in Caerfyrddin (Carmarthenshire). It can also be seen as a variant spelling of Delaney , which is an Anglicized form of Ó Dubhshláine, “descendant of Dubhshláine (Dullahan),” or else as a Welsh form of Llylyn , meaning famous prince .

88· Etta/Ettie/Ette- Diminutive of names ending in ‘a’, such as Eva, Ida , etc.

89. Eden – Place of happiness or beauty; garden; pleasure ground; delight . In the Bible, the place referred to as the Garden of God ; however, it is not known if this was a physical location or just an idyllic state of mind for Adam and Eve. So named from being the “garden land” on earth that was created by God before he later gave it to Adam and Eve (Genesis 2:8-15). It can also be seen as an English variant spelling of the Biblical name Edith , which means “rich”.

90. Eileen – Light ; bright ; beautiful, radiant one . A variant of the name Helen , which is derived from the Greek word helios meaning sun or light; however it can also be seen as a Welsh form of Eiluned , which comes from the Welsh name Eiluned meaning unknown. It may also come from an Irish Gaelic word eilean (island) and nan (daughter), meaning “daughter of (the) island” or else “brightness”.

91. Elaine/Eleanor – Bright; shining light; fire; red haired; light skinned . Also see Nelaine/Nellene

92· Eleni – Shining light, radiant light; female form of Eleni

93· Erin – From the name of the country Eire , which is derived from the old Irish word Ériu, ultimately from Éireann “descended,” or else Éirinn meaning “land of promise.” Also see Arin

94. Esme/Esmerelda French for “loved” and Spanish for “prosperous leader”; variant of the English name Aislinn , possibly based on a Celtic legend in which a fairy princess bears this name . It can also be seen as an English variant spelling of Theodora , which comes from the Greek words theos (god) and dōron (gift), meaning “gift of God.”

95. Estelle/Estella – Bright ; shining light

96. Evey – Strong; energetic; boisterous woman

97· Fallon – Little, fiery red headed one . Also see Fionnula

98· Farra- Variant of Farrah , meaning desire or longing. It can also be seen as an English variant spelling of the Scottish name Phadraig , which means “son of St. Patrick.”

99· Fawn – Young deer or deer color/color brownish yellow

100· Faye – Fairy queen who finds lost children, insecure girl, sensitive to other’s   feelings and needs

101. Felicia/Felicity – Happy and fortunate; lucky and successful; in Latin, it means happy

102. Florencia- Blooming flower; flowery; blooming; flourishing

103· Frankie – Feminine of Frank , meaning from France . In use by English speakers since the 18th century, possibly a short form for Frances or else a variant of the Irish name Fionnghuala (Gaelic- “fair shoulder”). Also see Frankee

104. Frayja – Derived from the Norse goddess Freyja, meaning lady or mistress . This was also an Old English word meaning “love.” It can also be seen as a variant spelling of Freya , the Norse goddess of sensuality, fertility, and witchcraft. Also see Frey

105. Freya – Lady or mistress . In Norse mythology, she is the goddess of love, beauty, gold, war, death , seiðr (witchcraft), and fate; she is the leader of the Valkyries in battle it can also be seen as a variant spelling of Freyja

106. Gaia – Earth Mother in Greek mythology

107· Georgia – From the country Georgia , meaning farmer or earthworker . It may also mean “from Georgi.”

108· Gwen/Gwyn- Fair ; blessed; holy . A Welsh form of Guinevere , which is derived from the old Welsh name Gwenhwyfar, meaning “white shadow.” Also see Gwyneth

109. Helga – Holy or radiant; bright one ; shining brightly . A variant of Heloise , which is possibly derived from Germanic elements hild (battle) and gōd (ready, prepared).

110· Isabeau/Iseult – God is gracious; God is my oath

111. Isolde – Beautiful girl with a lot of white hair on her head or beautiful tresses

112. Jovina – Joy bringer

113· Kara – Pure; clear; shiny black ; expensive black fabric used for making dresses

114· Kayla/Coal – Fire; fiery hot; dark-haired one

115. Lacey – Narrow wood or clearing; name of a 19th century American pirate queen . Also see  Lachlyn and Lexy

116. Lady, Ladida, Ladybird, Lalage – A lady’s maid was a servant who attended a lady ; a term during the 14th to 17th centuries for a high ranking woman in the royal court

117· Kyla/Kylah – Handsome young man from the village ii also see cala and lynn

118. Landra – From the Old English word meaning ”    laundress” or “washer- woman .”

119. Liora/Liorah – Light; lamp of God ; my light is God

120. Lorelei – In German lore, a siren associated with the rock Lorelei , near St. Goarshausen on the Rhine River, whose beautiful singing lured sailors to shipwreck . Also see Lira

121. Mireille- Mirella- Mira – My help comes from God . An Italian form of Mary in use since medieval times . Also see Mirabella and Mirabel .

122. Maya – Great ruler ; mother goddess in Hindu mythology

123· Melania – the Latin word for “emerald” it means like green shining stone . Also see Melany

124. Militza – Princess

125. Minna – Love; lovable; beloved

126. Mollie/Molly – A familiar form of Mary , meaning bitter or rebellious

127· Mona – Sacred; monastery ; abbey ; sunny one or moonstruck (in love with the moon)

128· Nerezza – Darkness; blackness; gloominess

129· Neva – Snow white, blond haired beauty who is very kindhearted and generous to all she meets . The Italian word for “snow It can also be seen as a variant spelling of Nina.

130. Nixie/Nyx – Water sprite in German mythology, she was the goddess of night . Also see Nyx .

131. Olga – Holy ; saint; peaceful

132· Orah – Light; flame of fire

133· Oriah/Oriana – Gold or golden one or moonbeam

134· Petra– A precious stone (faceted) used for decoration and protection against negative energies, it is also known as a talisman; feminine form of Peter , which comes from the Greek word meaning “stone” It can also be seen as a variant spelling of Petrina .

135. Remi/Rayna – A legend says she was an ancient Celtic goddess of love, fertility, and beauty . It may also be derived from the Romanian name meaning “queen.” it can also be seen as a variant spelling of Raia .

136. Rhiannon – Queen; fairy queen in Welsh mythology

137· Riana – Famous ruler

138· Riva – Rise; lift up

139· Rosamund – Fame and happiness

140. Sabina/Sabinah – Princess; lady; noblewoman ; wife

141. Saffron – Pertaining to saffron , a spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus ; the golden yellow color of the spice.

142. Samina – Deep; valley

143· Shanti/Sophia- Peace; peaceful one

144. Simone – Hearer; listener; hearkener

145. Sophia – Wisdom ; intelligent woman in Greek mythology who personified wisdom, intelligence, and philosophy

146. Sorrel – A plant with a sour taste or red brown leaves also see Sirena

147· Sirena/Selena – Goddess in Greek mythology who personifies darkness

148.  Solange – She who brings light . It can also be seen as a variant spelling of Solita .

149. Sonya – A Russian variant form of Sophia , meaning “wisdom” or ” intelligent .”

150. Tafadhali – Please

151. Taheara – She who is as precious as gold

152. Tala – A type of birch tree; a wood used to make hockey sticks

153. Talia – Crowned with laurel ; flourishing

154. Tamar – Palm tree; palm-tree

155· Taya/Tayla – Gentle and small or little

156· Tegan – Variant spelling of the Irish name Úna, meaning “lamb.” It is also considered a variant form of the Greek name Agape, meaning “love.”

157 Telena – Feminine of Theodore , meaning “gift of God.”

158. Tia/Tiara – Princess; noblewoman ; large pearl ; umbrella

159. Tina – A form of Kristina , meaning “believer” or “follower of Christ .” Also see Christina .

151· Tanith/Tanya – The Phoenician goddess of the moon, love, and beauty; also see Taniya .

152. Tara- Sacred hill in Ireland it means “the exalted one” or “the land beside the sea.”

153· Tatiana – A feminine form of the Roman clan name Tatius , family of Romulus and Remus, it means “of Tatius.”

154. Taya/Tayla – Gentle and small or little

155· Telena – Feminine of Theodore , meaning “gift of God.”:

156· Tegan – Variant spelling of the Irish name Úna, meaning “lamb.” It is also considered a variant form of the Greek name Agape, meaning “love. ”

157. Thalestris – Queen; having great strength or force

158. Tia/Tiara – Princess; noblewoman ; large pearl ; umbrella; protective cover; something valuable that covers and shelters

160. Ursula – Little she-bear; strong; brave

161. Valor/Valera- Strength

162. Vania – The name of a Rumanian river, it’s also used for girls born between October 21 and November 22

163· Vanessa/Venessa – From the Latin name, meaning ” butterfly .” Also could be related to the Greek name Nessa , which       was derived from the Greek word nesos , meaning “island.”

164· Victoria – Success; victory

165. Wala/Wallah- Arabic for “it is” or “that is to be”; also see Vala .

166. Zaia – A variant of Zaida, an Arab name meaning “captivating, charming.”

167. Zahra – Flower; blossom ; blooming

168· Zara/Zahrah – Tree without fruit; flower

169· Zehra – Growing

170. Zein – Excellence; Virtue

171. Zeyna – Life being a gift from God

172· Ziva – Splendid shining ; brilliance of the sun ; fire / firebrand ; live coal , glowing ember

173. Zo’e – Of or related to fragrance, for example perfume or scent .

174· Zelima – Sweet basil plant

175· Zenobia/Zoe- Life; Living one

176· Zera/Zara/Zarha – Fruit; what is produced from a plant or tree

177. Zinnia – A garden flower with bright-yellow petals and red and orange centers that resembles the sun

178· Zoe/Zoa – Life; Living one

179· Zoë/Zoee – Life; Living one ; lifeblood ; zest for living, vigor , vivaciousness, health

180. Zelma – Crown of godliness;

181. Zeresh – Feminine form of the name Xerxes, meaning   “great warrior.”

182. Zeituni – Of or relating to time, timing

183· Zi – One of the Chinese elements representing fire

184. Zola – From the earth; earthy; well-adapted to life in the soil

185· Zuri/Zuria – The meaning of “zuri” is not known for certain. However, it is believed that it may be derived from ” zur ,” which means “precious stone .” Another possibility is that it’s a Hebrew name used as an Israeli form of Sarah ( princess ) or Susan ( lily ). It could also be related to the Arabic word for blue .

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